• Start date: 26/04/2017
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Location:  North Albania
  • Price: €219/p


Day 1th: Kruja – Prizren
*We leave Tirana at morning at travel to Kosovo.
*On our way to Kosove we will visit the city of Kruja, start form the Othoman fortress which will include the Skanderbeg museum, the Ethographic museum, the turkish bath, the Bektashi mosque, and the old bazaar
*Afer the visit in Kruja we will continued the journey in Kosove. We will visit the mos beautiful city of Kosove, the city of Prizren.

Prizren is called also the “The muzeum city of Kosovo”. We will will accommodate at 4 star hotel at center of old town

Our day in Prizren will continued by visit the old town, the stone bridge, the castle of Prizren, the main blue Mosque “Sinan Pashaj”, the orthdokos church, and many other thing. (to create an idea for the beauty of Prizren, we can tall you that it has 65 mosque)
*Overnight in prizren (4 star hotel)


Day 2th: Gjakove – Valbona Valley

*We leave Prizren at morning, at travel in Gjakova (an other city of Kosovo).
In the first part of the day we will visit the Decani Monastery which is an UNESCO World heritage site, a symbol of the slavic orthodox church and the Serbian history, famous for its impressive church and peaceful surroundings. Next visit will be in the old part of the town of Gjakova, famous for its old bazaar..

*After visit North of Kosovo, We will visit now the north of Albania. We will travel to Valbona Valley

*Valbona Valley is National Park and also “Nature Monument”. It is consider as the “Crystal” of Albania Alps. One of the most beautiful park in Albania, the visit in Valbona Valley is consider by the tourist as an unforgotten experience.

We will accommodate in alpin hotel, at the valley, at all the day we will explore the beauty of valley, such as:

1) The waterfall of Rragami
2) The Xema lake
3) The Valbona River,

*Overnight in Valbona, with traditional dishes


Day 3th: Boat trip (Fierza lake to Koman lake) – Shkoder

*We will Valbona at lunch, around 12:00 to travel at Fierza lake, when will catch the ferry.

*For 3 hour we will sail from Fierza lake to Koman Lake.
The sailing through these two lake is one of the mos wonderful and exciting experience, and if you travel in Albania, you must taste this experience.

All the sailing pas through mountain slopes around 2200 m altitude. It will be like your are sailing in space.

*After leaving the ferry at Koman lake, we will travel to Vau Dejes lake, when at restoraunt on lake shore, we will have lunch.

*After luch we will travel to Shkodra.
*Accommodation in Shkodra. Before dinner we wil make a walk at the maun boulevards to visit the city by night
*Overnight in Shkodra


Day 4th: Thethi’s attractions

*After breakfast at the hotel, we will travel to the village of Theth (the heart of Albania Alps)
*The joureny from Shkodra to Theth is 4 hour driving.
*After arrival in Theth, we will accommodate in a traditional alpin hotel, eat luch and start our tour.

On the 4th day of our trip, we will have a nice day walking around in the nearings of Thethi, one of the most well-known villages of northern Albania, because of its charm, stunning nature and traditional wooden-tiled houses.
We will start walking downhill from the house (850m), and visit the attractions in and around the village, like: the Church (750m), the Kulla e Ngujimit (a tower house used in the past by men as a shelter against ongoing vendettas), the Thethi Waterfall, Grunasi Canyon, and the recent 2007 discover: a cyclopean stone walled terraces dating from the late bronze era!

Overnight in Theth
Dinner: meal prepared by a local family

Hike information:
Gradient: 200m ; – 200m
Distance: 11 km
Duration: 5 hrs

Day 5th: Thethi – Tirana

*After breakfast we will travel back to the city of Shkodra.
*Afterwards proceed to Shkodra centre of Roman Catholicism in Albania and a town with long historic roots, and the only mentioned capital of the Illyrian Kingdom. Visit the pedestrian area with Italian influences and the Castle thought to exist from Illyrian times.
Lunch is recommended to be had in a village where organic tourism is promoted, such the village fo Fishta
After lunch return to Tirana to rest.
*Overnight in Tirana.


GROUP TOURS (From 10 persons until 55 persons)

The price is euro 219 which include:
I) Transporti with comfort minivan.
II) Accommodation for 4 night as follow:
1 night at Hotel Prizreni 4 star (center of Prizren)
1 night at alpin hotel “Fusha e Gjese” in Valbona Valley
1 night at Hotel Tradita 4 star in Shkoder (traditional hotel)
1 night at hotel Harusha in Theth
III) 4 breakfast + 2 dinner with traditional dishes (in Valbona and Theth)
IV) Tour guid in english language
V) Fery ticket Fierze – Koman


➡*APRIL 26,

➡*MAY 3;  MAY 10;  MAY 17;  MAY 24;  MAY  31

➡*JUNE 7;  JUNE 14;  JUNE 21;  JUNE 28




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